Photo Credit: Swami Om Ji Swami Om Ji had to make a sudden exit from the Bigg Boss house last night as a non-bailable guarantee was issued against your pet by Del hi police. It had been earlier reported that he was facing non-bailable warrants within the Delhi court for several cases under various laws and regulations. Reportedly, in November 08, Swami ji's younger sibling, Pramodh Jha had arrested him of breaking the secure of his bicycle store along with three other males, and selling the costly parts of the stolen bicycles. Further, according to a report in BOC, he was associated with 7 cases under the Hands Ac t and TADA. A lot of money of arms and ammo were reportedly found in their possession. A lot of obscene photos of women were also found, which usually he allegedly used to extort money from them. However , according to reports, Delhi Court has canceled his non-bailable justify and he has been granted bail, with a fine of Rs 30, 000. The next listening to of the case will take place on February 4, 2017. It remains to be seen how and when Swami Ji will re-enter the home, if at all he does.